Quigley’s Cannabis Shot – Strawberry 20mg

Quigley’s Cannabis Shot – Strawberry 20mg


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Quigley’s fast-acting, long-lasting formula means you’re always just a few seconds away from experiencing the Quigley’s effect. When the need for cannabis arrives, be sure you’re within arm’s reach of Quigley’s.

So what makes Quigley’s so fast? It’s all in the science.

Unlike most Cannabis delivery systems that must first reach the liver, our innovative, patent-pending formula delivers effects quickly by being absorbed directly into the soft tissue of the upper digestive tract instead. This makes Quigley’s fast-acting formula unlike any other cannabis delivery system available.

Most importantly, our fast-acting blend allows you to be in control of your experience every step of the way. Since the effects kicks-in fast, you’re able to regulate how much you need to reach the desired effect.


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